Open Days in June and July

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Interview invitations in July and August

Attending one onboarding session (probably online)

Courses start in September 2021

Fall Semester 2021

Courses: Sep 06 - Dec 17

As a ReDI School student, you will participate in a 4-month program with two weekly evening classes (two hours each) taught by volunteers. Our tech courses are taught by professionals in the digital industry. In addition, we offer career workshops to support your start in the labor market.


We offer our courses in Berlin, Munich, and NRW. For the courses in Munich click here. For the courses in NRW click here.


In addition, you will get access to a large number of workshops, professional networks, job training, and conferences, which can help you land a job or find a paid internship.


In case you don't have a laptop, we will support you with one, that you give back at the end of the course.

Our courses are in English. That means that you should be able to follow a conversation and formulate questions in English.

Since the courses are free and the teachers are volunteers we hope that you can show the best side of you in terms of commitment and motivation.​

Python is not only the name of a snake - but also one of the most popular programming languages in the world! It lets you learn quickly and is good for beginners in more complex programming.

We use Python to analyze datasets and draw conclusions from them, to visualize our results, and for machine learning to train a program with data.

Front-end web development is the craft of creating websites. Everything you see on a website is front-end. What is going on in the back is called back-end.

We use HTML & CSS to build the main structure of a website and style it. JavaScript adds more functionalities to a website such as buttons and animations. React is a powerful JavaScript framework that makes your website even more dynamic and powerful!

Java is a diverse programming language. You can, for example, create mobile apps for Android, communicate with a database with Spring Boot, or create classic cross-platform applications.

We use the programming language Java to learn the basics of how programming works and object-orientated programming. 

Starting to explore coding and websites can be overwhelming at first. In Intro to Computer Science, you learn the basics which are needed in all other three tracks.

This course gives you an overview of what can be done with coding and websites. We recommend it to every beginner who is not sure, yet, which course to take. is the fastest-growing platform for customer relationship management (CRM). It is cloud-based (no software) and has many different products and services such as sales management, marketing, and support.

We learn how to set up and configure an organization in

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform with services for software and web applications. As the demand for Azure services increases so does the need for people who know how to use it.

We learn the basics of Microsoft Azure and prepare for the AZ900 exam.

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