Intro to Computer Science

Join this course if you want to start your journey in IT!


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 19:15 - 21:15



You will be learning fundamental computer science skills that are an absolute MUST for any IT field. You will be also introduced to programming and have your very first practical experience with one of the most popular programming languages: Python.


Basic Command Line (Linux):

  • Basics of operating system

  • A brief history and potential of Linux Command Line

  • Linux file system hierarchy

  • Creation of hard and soft links

  • Working with files: Create, View, Manipulate

  • Navigation of Linux file system

  • Using command options

Version Control with GIT:

  • Installing GIT

  • Creation of a local repository

  • Creating commit

  • Creation of remote repository (Optional)

  • Push commits to a remote repository (Optional)

Web Fundamentals:

  • A brief overview of internet

  • How does the web work?


  • Installing basic software: text editor, web browser

  • Working with files: Naming, saving, path, folder, etc.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Introduction to Programing (Python):

  • Basic data types (numbers, strings, lists, sets. tuples. dictionaries. booleans)

  • Operations (Logical and Arithmetic)

  • Conditionals( if, if else, if elsif else)

  • Functions (parameters, return value)

  • Concepts of Object-oriented programming

  • Python classes and objects

  • Basic python programming ​​


After this course:

  • Understand and use the basic command line                                  

  • Use git/GitHub repository

  • Understand the fundamentals of the web and its working

  • Do basic python programming

Entry requirements:
! Watch the How Computers Work YouTube series !

  • Fluent in English

  • Self-study experienced

  • Time commitment at least 10-15 hours a week (classes + self-study)​



After the successful completion of this introductory course, you can choose and apply for any other intermediate-level courses offered by ReDI!