Programming with Java


Java is not a coffee - but a programming language!

It was designed to work on multiple devices and to be a simple language that everybody can learn quickly.



  • Because you will learn the fundamentals of one of the most popular and universal programming languages!

  • It is the main language for Android Development - which is in high demand!

  • Because there is high demand for Java skills

  • Because there are many paths available with Java (mobile, backend, IoT…)


Intro to Java


Learn Java and use it to build a simple computer program!


Monday and Wednesday, 19:00 - 21:00 (+/- 30 min)



You will learn the fundamental programming concepts using Java and get an insight into a programmer’s mindset.



  1. What Is Java?

  2. Working with Java Data Types

  3. Working with Java Operator

  4. Using Decision Statements

  5. Using Looping Statements

  6. Java Methods

  7. Classes and Constructors

  8. Working with the String Class

  9. ArrayLists

  10. Final Project


Have a look at our course homepage!


After this course:

  1. You have a basic understanding of what you can do with Java.

  2. You understand and apply the basic principles of object-oriented programming

  3. You have written a simple program like a text-based game or a calculator.

  4. You know how to use the internet to research and solve simple problems.


Entry requirements:

  1. Watch the How Computers Work YouTube series

  2. Register on and finish the first two modules of Learn Java.

    • Hello World​

    • Variables

  3. Answer a short quiz on the day of the interview




  • Programming with Java (see below)

  • Online Courses with or without a mentor


Java Programming


Intensify your Java knowledge and build a basic backend system with Java.


Monday and Wednesday, 19:00 - 21:00 (+/- 30 min)



You will get high competency in programming practices and backend development that is applicable both in work and studies.



  1. Principles of Object-oriented Programming

  2. Inheritance

  3. Abstract Classes

  4. Interfaces

  5. The Object Class

  6. Libraries

  7. Exception Handling

  8. Unit Testing

  9. Collections

  10. Final project


After this course:

  • You have a good understanding of object-oriented programming

  • You have been introduced to abstract classes, interfaces, data structures, exceptions, persistence and inheritance

  • You know some Java and open-source libraries


Entry requirements:

  1. Register on codeacademy and complete the course Learn Java (only the free version).

  2. Answer a short quiz on the day of the interview.


Desirable skills:

  • Familiarity with: variables, loops, conditions, functions, streams

  • Firm in using an IDE like IntelliJ

Have a look at the curriculum here!