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As a student at ReDI School in Copenhagen, you will receive soft-skills training which will help you to prepare yourself for the job hunt. You will gain a better understanding of the Danish labor market, get support in formulating your career dreams and reaching them, and practice other skills such as presentation skills, design thinking, etc. 


Who are the coaches? 

The ReDI career training program is offered by the ReDI Team, our volunteer career councellors, as well as professional HR experts. 

Do I need to register for the workshops? 

Yes! Our Career Program Coordinator will share training and workshop opportunities with you. 

I work in HR. Can I volunteer? 

Sure! We are constantly searching for new HR-coaches who want to support or develop new great career workshops to prepare our students and alumni to kickstart their career. Interested? Reach out to Anne Aaby Hansen here

Mentorship Program

We are currently working to build a Mentorship Program from the beginning of 2021 to connect our students and alumni with (IT) professionals from our partner companies. As a student or mentee you get guidance, career advice and high-level support with your personal and professional development. In the fall of 2020, we are running a pilot mentorship program in collaboration with IBM Denmark. 

How often shall mentor & mentee meet? 

Ideally, mentees and mentors meet every 2-3 weeks. The minimum is 6 sessions of 1 hour throughout  6 months.

I would like to have a mentor. What shall I do now? 

Reach out to Anne on Slack to let her know that you're interested, and we'll do our best to find a mentor for you once the program is established. 

How can I become a mentor? 

If you're a professional based in Copenhagen and are interested in becoming a mentor once our mentor program opens, you are welcome to fill out an interest form

Why become a mentor? 

"Giving people a chance to grow into a new profession and culture is a vital part for someone's individual development but also for our society. Volunteering to personally support ReDI School's mission to break down barriers and unlock human potential regardless of their background,  harmonizes with my ideal of helping others to grow. The mentor program provides a great opportunity to make an impact and help one's professional progression through a one-on-one relationship while also learning from the mentee.“

Hendrik du Bois-Reymond, Coca-Cola GmbH, Manager Occasion & Portfolio West Europa

Success story

Khaled (Mentor) and Anna (Mentee) - both from Berlin: Anna: "A friend in React, my course, 

made me to sign up for the mentoring program, this is how I met Khaled (so grateful to her and to Khaled!) August I started an internship at Small Improvements"



Company Events 

Each semester we organize company visits and events for students and alumni, together with our partners and leading (tech-) companies in Copenhagen. In the fall 2020 we'll visit Netcompany, TDC and Founders House. It's a chance to get to know interesting employers, discover new job perspectives and build up your professional network. 

Do you want to meet our students? 

We are constantly searching for companies and employers who would like to organise career events with us in order to get to know talented ReDI students and alumni. If you are interested, let's start the conversation

Career Counseling 

Do you want to review career plans or plan the next steps? We have a team of great volunteer Career Counsellors who are ready to support. ReDI students and alumni in Copenhagen can receive coaching and professional support with any career-related topic such as job orientation, CV and application check, internship/job search and job interview preparation. 

How does it work and what can I expect?  
A career counseling session is with one of our volunteer Career Counsellors. It takes around 45-60 mins and will take place at ReDIs offices in Copenhagen or online. In the session, we do not tell you what career we think is right for you. Rather, we work with you to help you reflect on your motivations, your values in order to help you choose a career that you really enjoy.
How can I register? 

Write to Anne and let her know that your interested, and she'll set you up!

ReDI Career Fair & Hackathon

ReDI School is organising a large career fair for students and companies to meet and greet in November 2020. The ReDI Career Fair is our networking event for IT-companies that are hiring and talented students and alumni looking for internships and jobs. At the Hackathon students will be challenged to solve cases for companies.

Wanna join?

If you are interested in participating with a case or sponsorship at the hackathon or meet our students and alumni at our Career Fair from Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich and NRW, let's get in touch.  


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