Pilot in Copenhagen

Fall Semester of 2019 - our first pilot

Locations: Valby and Central Copenhagen

Course dates:

Sundays and Mondays - from October 20th-November 25th

How to apply?

Information and registration form will come soon! Write ida@redi-school.org if you are interested

Teaching Languages: Danish/English - with translation

*Offer of courses in English or Danish depends on students demand and level of skills. We will offer transaltion in the Beginner and Basic course


Courses fees: free

Contact information:


+45 6046 7156


ReDI school’s Digital Women Program aims to empower women by helping them develop their digital skills to support their wellbeing, accelerate integration in Denmark and open new professional perspectives.

Who are these courses for?

  • Women with a desire to improve their digital literacy.

  • Women who are looking to meet people, and establish professional networks. 

  • Highly motivated women with a desire to improve their digital skills; 

  • Proactive women who are looking to meet other women and establish professional networks;

  • Women who are looking for new professional perspectives and/or innovative ways to integrate into Danish society.

The first pilot semester in Copenhagen starts in October 2019. Please come to one of our Student Info Sessions to get to know us and our courses, and most importantly to register.

Our learning experience provides:

  • Teaching-coaching approach by women for women; 

  • Basic and intermediate digital skills courses crucial to all areas of life, from work and learning, to social inclusion;

  • All teachers are practitioners in the tech industry; 

  • Childcare services (limited spots);

  • Laptops for the duration of the course;

  • Breaks and time to network.

Computer for Beginners
Computer Basics
Introduction to Coding

See more details below.


Computer for Beginners

If you have not used a computer and the internet before, this course is for you. With our teaching-coaching approach, you will become familiar with the device and will encourage further exploration and development of computer and Internet skills.

Course will be taught in Danish with translation into farsi and most likely sorani. 


What would you learn? 

You will acquire the basic skills to use a computer, email and the internet. Main covered topics are:

  • Parts of the computer, keyboard and mouse introduction;

  • File creation and management;

  • Writing short texts;

  • Network and web browsing in a safe way;

  • Email introduction.

Entry requirements 

  • Able to read and write farsi and/or sorani

  • Curiosity about how to use the computer;

  • Commitment to attend the classes and follow up into the Computer Basic I course.


Next steps/What is next?

Practice your computer knowledge to become an advanced computer user. Register for the Computer Basics I class to continue your digital skills education. 


Schedule: Sundays 14-17 - first class on October 20th 2019

Location: Welcome House, Ottiliavej 1, 2500 Valby
This course is planned in collaboration with Welcome House - a place where refugees and locals can meet, interact and learn from each other. 

Computer Basics I

If you want to improve your computer skills and learn how to use the most used computer programs, then this course is for you.

Course is taught in Danish with translation into Arabic.  


​What would you learn? 

You will learn computer and online essentials skills to work effectively on the computer. Examples of covered topics are: 

  • Review basic computer functions;

  • Basic Word processing (format texts with Office);

  • Basic Spreadsheets (create simple budgets with Office);

  • Basic Presentations (create simple presentations with Office);

  • Safe online practices, effective web browsing, and information search;

  • Introduction to digital banking

  • Basic email management.

Entry requirements

  • Able to read and write in your native language;

  • B1-level Danish 

  • Familiar with basic computer terminology;

  • Confident with using a computer, creating files and folders;

  • Able to browse the web;

  • Have an email address;

  • Commitment to attend the classes


​Schedule: Monday Evenings from 17.30-20.30

Location: Jayway By Devoteam, Sjæleboderne 2, 1122 København K. 
This course is planned in collaboration with Bydelsmødre. 


Introduction to Coding

Do you want to learn to code but didn't know where to start?  Do you want to understand how a computer “thinks”? Are you interested in learning what programming language fits your interest? Would you like to learn how to solve problems through technology? 

We propose a unique course where you can specialize your digital skills and explore new professional perspectives, by learning essential coding concepts and skills and encouraging further exploration and development of IT skills.


What would you learn? 

You will learn the essential coding concepts, basic coding structures and how to think the code in a fun and interactive way. The topics would cover relevant skills and knowledge that someone should master before they start programming and that enables them to start any programming course with more confidence. 

Course taught in Danish or English depending on the language skills of the students. 

Main covered topics are: 

  • Computing terminology (key concepts);

  • Computational thinking methods (problem analysis and algorithms);

  • Develop problem-solving skills through learning how to solve coding challenges;

  • Coding introduction and best practices  (variables and data types);

  • Building using code (logic, iteration, conditionality, procedures and function, events and commands);


​Entry requirements

  • C1 level Danish and/or English

  • Be a proficient computer user (navigate your way through a computer without a problem);

  • Be able to proficiently browse the web and daily use of an email address;

  • Good attitude towards solving problems (you do not give up easily when faced with a problem to solve);

  • Interest in learning more about advanced digital skills;

  • Commitment to attend the classes.


Next steps/What is next?

You can continue your education by getting more coding skills on a particular programming language such as Java, Python, or others. 


Schedule: Monday evenings

Location: TBD

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