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Berlin and Online: classes are online. We plan to organize on-site events.
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Two sessions per week. From February to May.
Join the Front-end Circle if you are looking for a job as a front-end developer. In the Circle you have the chance to deepen your coding skills through various projects. Furthermore, you receive support in your job search and application process. The Circle is run by ReDI alumni - previous students who now work as developers. In the four months program you learn how to lead a group, how tech teams communicate and project management skills. 

Front-end Circle

Course overview

What you will learn

The course follows the methodology: learning by doing. The program runs for 4 months. We work in cycles. Every cycle is four weeks. In the beginning of every cycle we ask members to pitch project ideas. You can bring in your own project ideas! Then all members choose a project and the team to work with. The team works together on the project for four weeks and at the end of the cycle, you will present your project to all teams. Then the next cycle starts and you can pick a new project. ​​

Skills to develop:

  • Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Agile / Scrum

  • Celebrate bugs

  • Teamwork​​

Two Parts

In the co-creation event we will define how we want to work together. We define the rules, team structures and roles. You are asked to actively shape how the Circle runs.

1. Co-Creation Event

2. Program

The program starts! The program lasts four months. You work on four different projects - in teams. Mentors support you. Be ready for the exciting journey. 

This course is right for you when...

  • You want to get a job as front-end developer

  • You want to actively design your learning journey

  • You are motivated to work on projects

  • You want to work in teams

  • You can commit at least 8 hours a week

Prepare yourself for the course

You can prepare yourself for the course:

  • go through the React content and familiarize yourself with the content

  • go through the Javascript content and familiarize yourself with the content

  • think about projects you would like to work on

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On-site and Online: Sessions are online. We plan to organize events in Berlin.
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Wednesdays, 18:00 - 20:00
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Max. 15 learners
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Outlook - what you can do after this Course

  • You know how to lead projects

  • You know about day-to-day activities of front-end developers

  • You know how to work in teams

  • You know how to find answers by yourself

  • you can apply for junior front-end developer, web developer

Start your journey

Sounds too easy or too advanced? Take a look at the other courses