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In the course you learn the basics of the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, Cloud Computing and data analytics from a technical as well as a business perspective. Join the course and dive into the world of IoT. You will get the chance to meet professionals from renowned companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Bosch and Github. You will work on a project together with a mentor and have the chance to receive two certifications (one from ReDI, one from Cisco). Checkout the requirements, and prepare yourself and join the course.
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Berlin (on-site and a some sessions online)
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Two sessions per week. From March to June.

Internet of Things

Course overview

What you will learn

The course deals with the following topics:

  • Basic concepts of Cloud and Edge Computing+IoT architecture

  • Hands on Data Analytics using Cloud tools

  • Demos and Lab tours (partners)

  • How to create value in a digitalization process

  • How to develop an IoT concept from scratch


The course consists of three parts: 1. Lectures/Workshops, 2. Online Self-study, 3. Projects. The Internet of Things course is the advanced course of the Cloud Computing track.


1. Lectures/Workshops

During the workshops you participate in introductory lessons on core technologies and architectures. After that we will visit labs and demo locations(subject to COVID restrictions) where we will be able to see the technologies in action presented by the experts behind.


2. Online Self-study

As additional support students will be enrolled in an online course at Cisco named “Introduction to IoT”. The course is a self-paced 20 hour training course.


3. Projects

Besides the classes, you will work on a project. In the project you will build a basic IoT solution from scratch. There are two project topics the team can work on. If you come with your own idea, the idea can be validated and used as well.

  • Project Topic: Sustainability using IoT to fight climate change. Focus on: Smart Living (supported by Bosch’s team)

  • The project should ideally have an MVP, assuming the access of resources is there, a detailed architecture documentation and a final project pitch. Each team will have a mentor that will monitor progress and support the development of tasks and projects. Mentors will meet with the team once a week. Default is Wednesdays at 17:30hrs, but mentor + group are able to coordinate these working sessions at their convenience.

This course is right for you when...

  • you are able to understand and speak English

  • you have experience in self-study

  • you can commit at least 10 hours a week (classes + self-study)​ 80% attendance of the course is required for graduation.

  • you are punctual and respect the time of the teachers

  • Knowledge in one of the three areas is necessary:

    • Networking Basics (TCP / IP protocol)

    • Basic Linux commands and Cloud Computing

    • Python Programming

    • Please provide proof of skills (studies, certification or job experience)

Prepare yourself for the course

You can prepare yourself for this course with free online courses:

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Berlin (with some sessions online)
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Class on Monday 17:30 - 19:00, Workshops on Wednesday at 17:30 (as default)
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Max. 15 learners
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Classes are taught in English

After this course

  • you are Cisco certified in IoT

  • you know the basics of IoT

  • you developed an IoT project 

  • you participated in a hackathon

  • you met professionals at renowned companies

Course impressions

How to apply

Step 1

Join Open Day

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Step 2


Check out the courses, requirements and apply! The application form is shared with you on the Open Day.

Step 3

Wait for the next step!

We review your application and send you the result. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a screening.

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