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Two sessions per week. From March to June.
Learn how to use and manage World's #1 CRM! Learn how to use and manage Salesforce to help companies and organizations manage their customers. See what a Salesforce Administrator does in daily business life! After the course you can take the ADM201 or ADX201 certificate.

Salesforce Fundamentals

Course overview

What you will learn

1. Introduction

2. Data Access and Security

3. User Management and Troubleshooting

4. Salesforce Everyday

5. Customize Salesforce

6. Automate Business Processes

7. Data Management

8. Report on Your Data

9. Using Reporting Data

10. Extending Salesforce

11. Wrap-up and Superbadge

12. Career Workshops:

  • How to start a career in tech

  • How to polish your Linkedin profile

  • How to write a great CV

  • How to master the Interview process

This course is right for you when...

  • Interested in CRM systems

  • you are able to understand and speak English

  • you have experience in self-study

  • you can commit at least 8 hours a week (classes + self-study)​ 80% attendance of the course is required for graduation.

Prepare yourself for the course

You can prepare yourself for this course with free online courses:

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Mondays, 16:00 - 18:00 and Wednesdays, 18:30 - 20:30
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Max. 15 learners
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Classes are taught in English

Outlook - what you can do after this Course

  • you know the basics about Salesforce

  • you know how to administer salesforce accounts

  • you are ready to take the Salesforce ADM201 or ADX201 certificate

  • you can apply for Junior Salesforce Admin positions

How to apply

Step 1

Join Open Day

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Check out the courses, requirements and apply! The application form is shared with you on the Open Day.

Step 3

Wait for the next step!

We review your application and send you the result. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to a screening.

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Start your journey

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