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Berlin and Online: classes are online. Three events take place in Berlin.
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Two sessions per week. From February to May.
Join the Data Circle and dive deeper into data projects ranging from data analysis to machine learning. The Data Circle is a new program at ReDI. We design the content of the program together with all participants. You decide what you want to learn. The program is entirely project based. You will work on four projects. Mentors support your project. There are no teachers. We invite coaches if we want to learn about a certain concept.

Data Circle

Course overview

What you will learn

The course follows the methodology: learning by doing. We decide together on the topics which will be covered. The program runs for 4 months. We work in cycles. Every cycle is four weeks. In the beginning of every cycle you choose a project and a team to work with. At the end of the cycle, you will present your project to all teams. Then the next cycle starts and you can pick a new project. ​

Potential topics:

  • SQL

  • Machine Learning (Regression, Classification, NLP, image recognition)

  • Data Visualization (Tableau, Google Datastudio)

  • Data Exploration and Data Stories 

  • Dashboards

  • Cloud


Skills to develop:

  • Leadership

  • Project Management

  • Agile / Scrum

  • Celebrate bugs

  • Teamwork​​

Two Parts

In the co-creation event we will define together the content for the four months program. After the Co-Creation event you decide if you want to join the program.

1. Co-Creation Event

2. Program

The program starts! The program lasts four months. You work on four different projects - in teams. Mentors support you. Be ready for the exciting journey. 

This course is right for you when...

  • You want to actively design your learning journey

  • You are looking forward to get a job in data or tech

  • You are motivated to work on projects

  • You want to work in teams

  • You can commit at least 8 hours a week

Prepare yourself for the course

You can prepare yourself for the course. There is no obligated preparation. These three areas make sense to prepare for until we start:

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On-site and Online: sessions are online. Three events are on-site in Berlin.
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Thursdays, 18:00 - 20:00
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Max. 20 learners
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Outlook - what you can do after this Course

  • You know how to lead projects

  • You know about day-to-day activities of data professionals 

  • You know how to work in teams

  • You know how to find answers by yourself

  • you can apply for Junior Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst positions 

Start your journey

Sounds too easy or too advanced? Take a look at the other courses