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Autumn Semester of 2020

💻 Introduction to Computer Science

Student name: Alya Al-Anesi Project name: Python CV Builder Description: In today’s fast paced job market, many potential applicants miss out on a chance to become employed for the simple reason of not having a CV. The reason this happens in most cases is not negligence, but rather the applicant’s hesitation or uncertainty of what to include in the CV given the applicant’s limited education or work experience. This project approaches the problem with a code that interacts with the user in a step-by-step fashion. The user will reach a point of realization that having limited education or work experience is still relevant and most importantly, not a reason to miss out on a job offer. Project link: 1. 2. vars,py: __ Student name: Barbara Sanchez de Machin
Project name: Resume Website
Description: A Website for my CV, including portfolio, skills and personal experience.
Project link: __ Student name: Benjamin Mahello Project name: Web- Registration Form Description: Registration Form allows the User to Input his/her required details and then Submit. This Program is being created by Python(Flask Module) and Html/CSS. The User is filling an Online Registration Form in Order to be registered on the Website. Project link: __ Student name: Felicia Ojinji Project name: Feedback Web Application Description: It is a web application where the students of the Introduction to CS1 can give their feedback regarding the course. Project link: __ Student name: Hajara Banu Sultan Ibrahim Project name: Hangman Game Description: Project link: __ Student name: Ksenia M. & Elena S. Project name: Artikeltraining Description: In order to improve the quality of life, every foreigner should learn German. Learning German is difficult. One of the hardest parts of German grammar is to remember articles. To facilitate the memorization of articles our “Artikeltraining” would help learners immensely! Project link: __ Student name: Nesar Nazari Project name: Website template Description: What did I choose for my project? Website template Why this project? Because I wanted to learn more about HTML and CSS How did I make this project? By using HTML, CSS and Atom What was the easiest part of my Project? Writing the texts What was the hardest part of my project? Positioning the images using CSS Sources? Youtube: Project link: __ Student name: Olumuyiwa and Abraham Project name / Description: A Landing Membership Web Page and a Simple Dymanic Form Page Project link: School Project: __ Student name: Paulina Arzillier Project name / Description: Scheherazade webapp Project link: __ Student name: Roxana Matei Project name / Description: BMI Web Version Project link: __ Student name: Basel Nabelsi Project name / Description: Python Email-Slicer Project link: __ Student name: Dubravka Ilijašević Project name / Description: In my project the user gives input for weight and height, then BMI is calculated, which puts the user in a different range of index. Depending on results, advises taking exercises and makes notes of which exercises has the user chosen. Project link: __ Student name: Marinell Falcon Project name: Marinell’s Stories Description: I love reading blogs and I love to tell stories. For my project I decided to create my own blog where I present short stories about my travels and my new home: Augsburg. These are personal stories by me. Project link: Presentation Slides: Website Link: __ Student name: Hafiz Ghulam Ali Project name / Description: It is basically a University website with one simple application form. Project link: __ Student name: Marwa Gadallah Project name: Magic Green Falafel Egyptian Recipe Description: It would be great to let people -from all over the world-know about special vegan recipe of Egyptian Falafel. Project link: __ Student name: Sharrunya Balachandar Project name: University Admission Process Description: To simplify university admission process. The Data are processed using Python program. Implemented Functions. Implemented while loop, If…else, For. Project link:

💻  Data Science

Student name: Aileru Tomiwa Project name: Energy Consumption Analysis Description: Energy modelling is based on data analysis of electricity consumption and generation for one year in Germany. The analysis should give an insight into nature of energy consumption at different times of a day and period of the year. The result can give help in modelling and prediction of future energy systems. Dataset and Source • ENTSO-E: European Network of Transmission System Operators • SMARD: Strommarktdaten - The Bundesnetzagentur's electricity market information Tools like Python, Google Colaboratory, Jupyter Notebook, GitHub, Anaconda Project link: __ Student name: Benjamin Nebonta Project name: Human Trafficking and Victim Exploitation Description: Use exploratory data analysis and visualization to show the flow of traffic between the traffickers and the trafficked. Explore the relationship between these 2 groups, including the analysis of the correlation between applicable variables like: Age, Gender, origin countries, destination, are victims exploited? mode of exploitation, the relationship between victim and trafficker, etc. Python programming language in Jupyter notebook as the primary development and deployment platform, and work with its dependent frameworks such as: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn and ML. Project link: __ Student name: Christian Project name: Analysis of Global Sales for Video Games Description: The goal of this project is to gain exploratory and descriptive insight about global sales in Video games Market. Also to be able to predict the category (Genre) of video games using historic sales data. Project link: __ Student name: Deepa Govindasami Project name: Digital Marketing - Insights Description: Digital Marketing has taken up the World in recent years. It has various benefits such as - one can reach the intended audience more quickly, Track the performance, Choose the audience and it is comparatively inexpensive. This project helps in analysing the various factors influencing the business. With it one can visualize the growth, performance and potential area of improvement. This project also includes the AI prediction model with which one can predict the features influencing the progress and monitor continuous improvement. Project link: __ Student name: Fassil Sisay Project name: Sentiment Analysis of TripAdvisor Reviews Description: Online feedback mechanisms are a great way to get an unfiltered view from customers. However, research has shown that most online reviews can mislead consumers as consumers' ratings do not significantly correlate with actual sentiments. In this project, I summarized the overall sentiments and predict ratings using machine learning techniques on the basis of a TripAdvisor dataset. After the data filtering process, I implemented the VADER, Doc2Vec, and TF-IDF. For prediction, I make use of the Random Forest Classification algorithm, owing to its ability to act upon non-normalized data. Finally, in line with other researches, I found out that ratings and sentiments are not highly related. Project link: __ Student name: Joy Project name: Working Capital Analysis and Shareholder' Wealth Description: Working Capital Management is the administration of the components of working capital such as Cash, Inventories, Receivables and Payables for the day to day running of the business. It reveals the success and failure of a firm because of its direct influence on the firm’s liquidity, productivity and growth. This project will analyze the trends in the firms’ performance (over the period 2014 to 2018). It will also show the optimum level of working capital with respect to the maximization of the shareholders’ wealth. 50 publicly traded manufacturing companies would be under review and their financial data were sourced from the Bloomberg terminal. Project link: __ Student name: Kwadwo Asamoah Project name: Assessment-of-proportion-of-succcess-of-MDG-No.7C-in-Sub-Saharan-Africa Description: This project represents the cleaning and visualisation of Data showing the Proportion of the population using improved drinking water sources in rural, urban and the country totals. The data represents results cummulated for Sub-Saharan Africa during the period of the Millenium Development Goals 7C from 1990 - 2015. The raw data used can be accessed at MDG Goal NO:7C , Region: Sub-Saharan Africa Project link: __ Student name: Maryna Trofimovich Project name: Bank customer churn prediction Description: The project solved the problem of predicting the churn of bank customers. Using churned customers as a means of understanding why customers are leaving, we analyzed how and when churn occurs in a customer's life cycle with the bank and predicted the customer's churn. In the future the bank can use that information to put into place preemptive measures. Project link: __ Student name: Meka Shaiymkulova Project name: Police Accountability on Handling Domestic Violence Cases in Kyrgyzstan Description: This research uses state datasets to evaluate how police in Kyrgyzstan handles domestic violence cases before and after the change in legislation in 2017. The research follows how police handle a domestic violence incident, comparing statistical data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the scraped data from their press releases. The results of this analysis will identify on which stages the police fail to meet the standards set by the law, as well as the indicators could be used for the future assessment of the police's work on domestic violence cases. Furthermore, the results can be used for evaluation of the effectiveness of future adopted policies on the given topic. Project link: __ Student name: Memoona Raheel Project name: Impact of initial factors on startup survival Description: Analysis of the dataset about startups. Exploring trends and insights using data for previously founded startups to identify founding factors and influences that can help new startups to succeed. Project link: __ Student name: Shiji Shajahan Project name: Google Play Store Apps Analysis Description: The Google Play Store operated and developed by Google, serves as the official app store for the Android, allowing users to download apps. Any start up or company intend to develop a new mobile app needs to make their App fulfill certain market need. The purpose of our project was to gather and analyze detailed information on apps in the Google Play Store in order to provide insights on app features. This data analysis on the App store can help most of start-ups and mobile development companies to take business decisions to proceed or alter their plans from earlier stages, save money and reduce risks and increase customer satisfaction. Project link: __ Student name: Sidhartha Kumar Project name: Sales Data Analysis of Items sold in specific periord of duration. Calculate various statistics to get a better understanding of the data for future forecasting and understanding the customer needs. Description: This project involves the Sales Data Analysis of Items sold in specific periord of duration. Calculate various statistics to get a better understanding of the data for future forecasting and understanding the customers requirements Project link: __ Student name: Wael Naseeb Project name: Implementing Modern Geophysical Data Analysis and Visualization Techniques for Accurate Gap Prediction to prevent Catastrophes Description: Developing a well log data processing, data cleaning, analysis and interpretation model to have a precise understanding of the well geological properties and test the functionality of the measurement tools Project link: __ Student name: Yeboah Project name: Sessing the proportion of success of the Millennium Development Goals No.7C and forecasting the proportions of success of the Sustainable Development Goals No.6 by 2030 Description: Establish the overall extent of success of MDG Goal No.7C in Sub-Saharan countries as a whole. Comparison between success achieved in Urban Sub-Saharan Africa and in the rural areas in certain countries. Forecast the proportions of success in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030 when the Sustainable development goals are hoped to be met. Project link:

💻   Back-End Development

Student name: Haritha Chilakala Project name: ECosmeticsAPI Description: ECosmetics is an Application Programming Interface which provides multiple REST services for users to perform operations on cosmetic products like Search with different parameters (i.e brand,category,product type, price and rating ), Add, Update, Delete etc. Also It consumes external API loads the initial data. Techstack: Python, Flask-SQLAlchemy, JWTManager, SQLite, Postman, GitHub, PyCharm. Project link:

💻   Front-End Development

Student name: Catalina Cruz Project name / Description: Weather App Project link: __ Student name: Marzieh Iranshahi Project name / Description: Weather App Project link: __ Student name: Navya Shajan Project name: Movie Search Description: This project have a goal to build an application (web page) which will give a user possibility to search for a movie in a huge database of TMDb. Following features are present in the app: - Search movie via name (full name of part of a name if possible). - Present search results in a list (if there are more then one was found). - Movies are categorized by top-rated movies, upcoming movies, trending movies and also by genres. - One can watch movie trailer within the website. Project link:

💻  Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a certification course, our students are preparing for two Azure exams: AZ 900 & AZ 104.

💻   Intro to Programming

Student name: Alison Acosta Project name / Description: Business tracker Project link: __ Student name: Nesrine Abdelrazek + Sujata Singh Project name / Description: Recipe Recommender Project link: __ Student name: Gökce Percinoglu Guven + Kavitha Gattu Project name / Description: Snake Game Project link: __ Student name: Livia Dufton + Shayla Giap Project name / Description: Web Crawler Project link: __ Student name: Shalini Sinha + Lita Collins + Hoda Kooshapour Project name / Link: 1- TicTacToe 2- FizzBuzz

💻 Digital Literacy

Students' names: Aliia, Danya, Hasna, Hosai, Maryam, Nazife, Salome Project name / Description: Online collaboration with G-Drive (Docs, Spreadsheet, Slides)+Email+Web Literacy Projekt: Various Project link: __ Students' names: Anastasia, Lina, Irina, Muluk,Meron Project name / Description: Tipp10+Word+EmailManagement Project link: __ Students' names: Ekram, Samira, Semira, Semefa, Deka Project name / Description: Word+Excel+PowerPoint+Email+Web Literacy Projekt:Traumreise Project link: __ Students' names: May, Mercy, Blessing, Prossie Project name / Description: Online collaboration with G-Drive (Docs, Spreadsheet, Slides)+Email+Web Literacy Projekt: How beautiful is a Coconut Project link:


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Autumn Semester of 2020