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SPRING SEMESTER 2021: ReDI Munich is having a new Program! 


Our Digital Youth Program is aiming for 11 to 17 years old teenagers, regardless of their gender, their social, or their ethnical background. 


Teenagers are digital natives, but public schools fail to guide them through the tech world, teach the safe use of social media, and support them in accessing the professional possibilities of the tech industry. 

Students can profit from the program by being challenged to use and develop their critical, creative, and problem-solving skills. Abilities that are of extreme value in both the professional world and society. 

Contact information:

You are between 11 and 17 and want to learn how to code in Python?

Be part of our ReDI Youth Program, find new friends, and become a true techie!

Next Course Start is the 13th of March 2022.

SignUp Deadline is the 1st of February 2022.

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