Digital Women Program

Join us in the Spring

Semester 2021

Women Empowerment

ReDI School understands the challenges which women face trying to get access to better education. For that reason, we make sure that we provide the needed support and an environment that facilitates the best learning experience.

About the Program


(Currently online)



Teaching Language 


Digital literacy classes.


Coding and Design classes.

*Students are required to have a B1 level in either language*


12 weeks

On Saturdays (from 10:00 to 13:30)

Spring semester 



Fall semester 


Our Teacher

Our teachers are experienced professionals, volunteering their time on a weekly basis, developing the curriculum for our free classes, and leading the sessions.



Why Join?

Improve your digital skills.


Establish professional networks.


Discover new ways to integrate.







How we support our Students

We provide laptops, USB-sticks, mouses, and all the needed equipment for the duration of the courses.

We also offer free childcare for the duration of the course.

Our childcare resources are limited, so we give priority to special cases such as children of single mothers.

Our Courses


Digital Literacy 

First introduction to using a computer and learn the basics of the computer.

(3 Levels)

Coding Fundamentals

Learn the basics of programming with Python, then you can join more advanced classes in the career program.

(1 Level)

Design Classes

Join our Web Design or UXUI classes.

(2 Levels)

Digital Literacy


Your First Intro to a Computer


''If you have not used a computer before, this course is for you. We design our courses under the assumption that you have no prior knowledge of computers.''


Course content

  • Start and shut down the computer

  • Using the mouse

  • Typing with the keyboard

  • Navigating the folders and files system

  • Writing short texts

  • Web browsing (Internet)

  • Email and more


Entry requirements

  • Able to read and write in your native language

  • Familiar with the German alphabet

Basic Computer Skills 1


''If you would like to improve your computer skills while learning some of the most used computer programs, then this is the course for you.''


Course content

  • Saving documents in folders 

  • Surfing the internet

  • Emailing 

  • In addition, we will learn how to format texts, create presentations with Powerpoint and simple budgets in Excel


Entry requirements

  • Familiar with basic computer terminology

  • Confident with using a computer: creating files and folders

  • Able to browse the web

  • Have an E-mail address


Basic Computer Skills 2


''If you already master the basics but want to improve and deepen your knowledge of the Office programs, join this course.''

Course content

  • You will review the topics covered in Basic 1 and will go deeper into Excel

  • Learn more about important computer-related topics such as cyber safety

Entry requirements​

  • Knowledgeable of basic computer terminology

  • Able to work pretty fast with a computer (typing and clicking)

  • Basic knowledge of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel 


Coding Fundamentals 

Coding Fundamentals


''Have you always wanted to learn to code but did not know where to start? We offer you a unique course where you can use code.org under the supervision of experienced professionals to learn the basic coding structures and how to think about code in a fun and interactive way.''

Course content

Fundamentals of coding, such as coding structures and logic in an interactive way.

Entry requirements

  • Be a proficient computer user

  • Be able to proficiently browse the web

  • Daily use of an email address

  • B1-level English

  • Mathematics or analytics knowledge? Solution finding mindset?

Design Classes


Web Design Fundamentals


''Are you passionate about Web Design but never had the chance to figure out how it works? Then, this is the course for you.''


Note: This is a mixed-gender course, with a minimum of 60% female participants. 

Course content

You will learn the fundamentals of color theory and design. You will develop your creativity and technical skills using Figma. 


Entry requirements

  • Highly motivated and proactive students with a strong desire to learn

  • Ready to commit to all classes or at least 80% of the classes

  • B1-level English

  • Be a proficient computer user

  • Be able to proficiently browse the web and daily use an email address

UX/UI Design


''UX/UI Design course is an advanced course focused on the design practice in websites and apps. You will learn how to create logical and aesthetic User Interfaces (UI) as well as learn why good User Experience (UX) matters a lot while making websites and apps.''

Note: This is a mixed-gender course, with a minimum of 60% female participants.


Course content

  • Design outcome: you will deliver your design and present it to the client

  • Fundamental skills: you will be able to use UI design tools (Figma)

  • Knowledge and methods: you will obtain knowledge of the current digital design field in the context of user-centered design


Entry requirements

  • Technical skills: You have already worked as a graphic designer or studied graphic design before

  • Communication skills: You are open-minded in showing your design work and getting feedback

  • Interest in Design: You are interested in exploring the field of design



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